Bacteria, Residue and Oil-Oh My! 5 minutes to fresh, sanitized BRUSHES!

This is all you need!

Hello all!!!

It has been a while! Thanks for sticking around! I have been meaning (batting eyelashes) to give you all a quick how-to on cleaning your brushes. Brushes need to be cleaned for two MAIN reasons

1) Longevity of the Brush

2)Dirty Brushes can equal yucky skin. YES, this is true. I swear on my kit…..

Of course I know how busy we all are, but I assure you, these are 5 minutes that you MUST make time for each week. Your skin will thank me. (All thank you gifts can be sent to me directly at studio <3…)

So, here we go….For the basic at home user, I recommend sanitizing first.

1) Put (about) 2 tablespoons alcohol in shallow dish. I like standard household grade alcohol. Dip & Swish brushHEADS* only. Without getting too technical, some brush materials will require you to rub the alcohol around in them with fingertips to remove stubborn cream products.

*When cleaning your brushes, you want to make sure to avoid getting the ferrule (aka the metal part between the bristles and handle) wet. The ferrule is pretty signifiant in the life of your brush, and getting it wet can cause it to crack or get funkdafied as it dries.

2) Dry brush carefully with a paper towel, just to get excess alcohol off.

3) Using the same bowl (dump the alcohol) add a ‘drop’ (I know, this is similar to the very vague, ‘dash’ or ‘pinch’ in cooking….. ) or pea size amount of baby shampoo, then add warm water to make bubbly mix. Yes, you can certainly use a commercial makeup brush cleaner, but they are often pricey and dont last long. I get generic baby shampoo for like $2 and it last forever. You are ready to dip AND swish again. You can soak the brushes if they havent been cleaned for a while, but if you keep up with this and do it weekly, you wont need to add the extra time. You will see all the product starting to show up in the water…..This is when you take a moment to pat yourself on the back for NOT putting that nastiness back onto your nice, squeaky clean skin. Again, for a more dense brush, you may want to work the lather into the brush with your fingers.

4) Rinse brushes with CLEAN warm water. I use a bowl for this step too, this way I can see if I need to repeat clean any of them.

5)Remove excess water with paper towel and lay brushes FLAT to dry overnight. Voila! Brushes that are like NEW!!!!!!!!

I know what your thinking…..but I SWEAR after you have your groove, this will not take more than 5 minutes for you at home ladies. Obviously, pros are gonna take more time….but you my pretty……5 minutes are all I ask for. PER WEEK.

Have a great week!!!!! xoxoxo


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Makeup Workshop 2 Nights ONLY! Oct. 6/7

I can not stand it I am so excited about this!!!!!!! Please come join us for this amazing opportunity to learn from one of the best! Pick your class! Get excited people this opportunity doesn’t come along often!!!!!!

Straight from NYC, Matthew Militello will be here from MAC Cosmetics to show us how to get more from our makeup!  PLEASE join me on Wednesday October 6 from 6:30-8:30pm or Thursday October 7 from 6-9pm!

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Primers: A Girls Best Friend

Hi chickies! It has been awhile since I have blogged, but here I am, back in full force with a good one ūüôā ¬†I get asked at least twice a week by people why their makeup “wears off” by the end of the workday….While there are certainly a few things that can cause this, like the wrong foundation formula for your skin type, old foundation, etc. (yes they have a shelf life)

To get long lasting foundation, obviously, choose professional products, this is not a place to skimp (drugstore mascaras, lip color, cheek color are all fine, but leave the foundation to the pros please) Professional lines are densely pigmented and wear longer and better.

Next, and possibly most important step, is USE A PRIMER! These are amazing and will change your life. I swear. Primers, which are ¬†silky blend of vitamins and antioxidants , perfectly prep the skin to grip foundation. They act as a barrier to the skin, holding the foundation in place and not letting it ‘sink’ into the skin. They also beautifully even out the TEXTURE of ¬†your skin, so fine lines and large pores are greatly diminished with a good primer, and who doesn’t love that?

So, here are a few that I like, and the good news is, they are across the board with price, so something for all ūüôā Favorites, in order: Makeup Forever HD Primer. $32 Love these. I love that there are also specialty primers, I use the ‘green”primer everyday to help diffuse redness, and it is amazing. Their general primer is also amazing, you cant go wrong with Makeup Forever Primer!

Next, is the Mary Kay Oil Mattifying Primer.$15 I have this in my kit and use it often! Nice, velvety formula. It is a great product, the ONLY thing I dont like about it, is the tube is so small, I crush them very fast…. ¬†and last…..¬†

Avon’s Magix Face Perfector. Great Value at $8! Perfect for everyday wear, with the added bonus of SPF protection. The only reason it is in 3rd place is that I avoid SPF products on clients because they can photo funny, but if you aren’t getting photos, this is a great one!

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After Summer Style {614 Magazine}

What an amazing time I had working with the girls at PRIMP Studios on this shoot! Lauryn Byrdy Photography, Leanna Murphey Hair Design, and Meagan Carey, The Fashion Darling.

Thanks 614 for the amazing write up! x0xo

See the full story here:

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APRIL June 12, 2010

April (and her mom Connie) are the coolest people I know!  April had a small family ceremony at Goodale Park. The day was perfect. She looked incredible! Now her fun begins though, she and her new husband are headed to Mexico to have another ceremony there on the beach! What a lucky girl!!!  More photos to come!

Photo by

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

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ALLISON May 29, 2010

Allison was so fun to work with! When I met her at our runthrough, I knew I was in for a treat! She brought her sister and their dear friend Linsday. We laughed like fools the entire time. They are hilarious. Wedding day, was no different, although I had the treat of meeting the Faulkner mom. Seriously. So fun….and funny. I had an amazing time working with Allison, her family and friends. I wish for all my brides to be such a pleasure to work with. I would be a lucky lady! Congrats! More photos to come!


Lotz Studios, Columbus Ohio

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The Inspired Amy

I was so excited to have worked with Amy Carruthers recently when she decided to do a last minute shoot and needed makeup. We spoke at 2pm and I was painting her at 5! Whew!  Amy is the owner of C Studios , and as an artist she knows what she likes! While she gave me creative liberty, she knew she wanted to stay with a Mod look, which is a heavy eye, false lashes etc. You get the picture. She ROCKED it with her sassy red hair. I loved her results!  She was a total pleasure to work with!!!!! Thanks so much Amy! And Angela, your photos are beautiful!

Photo Credit

Angela Wayner
Angelynn Photo

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Hottie Heidi!

Heidi is a dear friend of our family. I adore her and her family. I used to babysit she and her 3 brothers and sisters. This makes me feel very, very old…..Anyway, Heidi is very much a jeans and tshirt girl. Doesnt wear much makeup. She would rather be in the barn with horses than in the bathroom messing with makeup or hair. Yet, she always looks beautiful. FLAWLESS skin. Beautiful features. When I got to her house she showed me her gown and I almost fell on the floor. I was SHOCKED. The dress was something out of a fairytale. I expected for Heidi to go simple. The dress is everything but. It was a beautiful bright lime color with a full skirt and beading. It is my favorite dress. I want to wear it…..for real. I immediately had a vision. SUPER fresh face, and simple hair, the dress was a statement piece, I didnt want hair/makeup to compete with it for attention. I used MAC Face and Body for her foundation. Super thin formula with a long wear. To keep things simple I used a frosty silver by CARGO all over the lid. I then added a satin charcoal (also by Cargo) to her crease. I used some Mylar by MAC to blend it all together. We added some gorgeous lashes (‘Wispies’) and I used Fluidline Blaktrak to line her upper lid. I smoked her bottom lid with a smudge brush and MAC Power Point Engraved liner. Heidi said that she was “sooooo pale” so I fixed that by using NARS bronzer in Laguna on her nose, forehead, chin, chest and shoulders. For lips, I used a very sheer Underage by MAC lined with Dervish, also MAC. ¬†She was RADIANT!!! Her skin was glowing!!!! She was so, so beautiful! I can only hope she felt as beautiful as she looked. Love you Heidi!

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The Lovely Lori

Lori is so beautiful!!!!!!! She made a stunning bride. During our run through we decided that we would go with some soft browns and bronze for her eyes. She wanted them to look soft, yet super polished. The colors I chose to use were, Dazzlelight, Blanc Type, Brown Down, Woodwinked and Shroom all by MAC. To achieve the ‘crispy’ look of the eye I used the MAC Fluidline in Blaktrak. ¬†I did I pretty heavy line for her and the result was perfect! Of course we also added lashes for more volume! ¬†To complete her look we used NARS lipgloss in Boogie Nights! Congratulations Lori and Tony! Thank you for choosing to work with me on your special day!

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Soon to be Bride Kyla!

Kyla is so fun to work with! I have worked with her several times over the past year. Every time she is willing to try something new and fun! The picture below was taken when Kyla was in a wedding a few months back. I looooove this picture of her! ¬†Her skin was flawless and her eyes popped! The best combination EVER! Kyla has great skin! She doesn’t like to feel like she has a ton of makeup on, so for her face I used Bare Minerals. I still concealed with my favorite go to, Bobbi Brown though. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away from Bobbi’s Correct and Conceal. It is that good! Kyla has the best eye shape , so it was very fun to really enhance that with some MAC Kohl Liner. ¬†For her eye color, I used Phloof, Trax, All That Glitters and Painterly in a Paint Pot (MAC). For her cheeks, I just wanted a touch of color, I used a Jane Iredale blush. For her lips, I chose to use Dervish liner and for gloss Star Nova. Both by MAC. Kyla is gorgeous and she is great to work with! I was SO PUMPED when just last week when she hired me for her wedding day this coming December!!!! Congrats Kyla and Gregg!

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